Women's Chakra Balance Treatments


Chakra Healing Treatments are available in Powell River, BC

  • The initial Chakra Balance healing treatment includes a 30 minute consultation followed by a 30 minute Chakra Balance Treatment and 15 minute discussion and review: $60/75min 
  • Each additional Chakra Balancing Treatment: 30 minute treatment followed by 15 minute discussion and review$45/45min 
  • Please contact Sevak Karan to book your treatment session


     The Chakra Balance System was developed to heal, restore and realign the chakra system to its natural state of health and well being.

    The initial Chakra Balance Consultation is to discuss what is "going-on." This is an intuitive interaction between myself, the practitioner and the patient. Much is revealed during this time verbally and/or energetically. This allows for me to receive a greater sense of the flow in the chakra system of the patient. The process of undergoing the Chakra Balance System and the release/ rebalance process will be explained and understood before the treatment takes place. 

    After a 30 minute consultation the patient will lay on the massage table fully clothed and apply the Chakra Balance System to the body. Each of the seven chakra bags will be placed over the appropriate chakra. The frequency of the chakras begin to subtly harmonize with the vibrational energy medicine of the Chakra Balance System during a 30 minute treatment. 

    Each chakra correlates to a set of organs, systems, glands, emotions and health issues. The vibrational medicine of plant energy, essential oils, colour, and crystal energy is used to unblock and re-balance the chakra by interrupting destructive feedback loops and clearing the vibrational pattern that is causing discord in the body. In doing so it restores the energy of the chakras and gently begins to change the perception of reality. For example, blaming others shifts into taking responsibility or accountability. Painful past memories  become understood as part of one's personal growth, even seen as an experience that actually strengthened them. A believed thought that life is happening "to" me becomes a realization that, life is happening "for" me. An attitude of gratitude develops and victim mentality dissolves. These powerful and profound transformations occur in the consciousness of the psyche of the patient as the healing manifests from the subconscious into the conscious mind. 

    The frequency of the Chakra Balance System is vibrationally attuned to that of a healthy and properly balanced chakra system. Once applied to the body the chakras begin to mimic, rearrange, or harmonize with energies of the Chakra Balance System. Lower vibrating energies or the blockages (traumas, dramas, commotions, and disturbances) that do not vibrate at the higher frequency of the renewed chakras are dislodged and released.

    Once released into the conscious mind, the opportunity to review and "let go" of these unbalanced energies becomes available to the patient. The "letting go" process is discussed in the initial consultation. This prepares the patient for the awareness required and allows for a game plan to be put into place for the releasing process. One game plan, for example, could be an agreement the patient has with their self to take an honest look and feel what comes up, to stay with it, and purposefully release through the breath. This is the "key" element of the entire healing process. Staying present to sensations, thoughts, emotions, and memories that arise in each moment. Making the choice consciously to say goodbye and "let go" of whatever surfaces consciously and wholeheartedly. It is an act of bravery, individuality and necessity to the emotional healing and balance of the patient. Everyone's process is different. Crying, laughing, deep breathing, talking, mumbling, chanting, moaning, meditating, being still, and contemplating are a few ways in which the process manifests.

    Once the treatment session is over the Chakra Balance System is removed from the patient's body. This is the time to ground, regroup, and reflect on the experience. The Chakra Balance Healing Treatment can be vulnerable and is treated with total compassion and reverence. It is a safe place and a space held with love, protection, and freedom to express and transform.

    Much self care is needed around the release and rebalance. Returning to a supportive loving environment, drinking plenty of water, taking a salt bath, and resting are recommended after a Chakra Balance Healing Treatment. With vibrational medicine the subtle realm is being deeply affected and the results show up differently for each person. Some results are immediate and others are over time. 

    The patient is sent an email with a 40 day meditation to complete for further healing of an individual chakra or the entire chakra system. This is a highly recommended practice to break negative habits. In other words, to keep the chakras from becoming unbalanced again by the same habit that caused or created it.

    Please contact Sevak Karan to book your treatment session


    About Chakras
    The Centres of Consciousness

    Chakras are spinning wheels of pure light filtering information and energy in and out of the body.  There are seven main chakras that begin at the base of the spine and end at the crown of the head.   They are found in the aura or the 8th chakra, an electromagnetic force field which surrounds every living being.  The energy of the aura is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these subtle energies.  Chakras transform cosmic energy into frequencies the human body can understand in the form of thought, emotion, and physical sensation. They process vibrations between the outer world and the physical body and soul, transmitting healing energy and spiritual information to us.

    Each chakra is represented by a colour of the rainbow. When balanced, our chakras bring us health, love, ease, personal empowerment, and connection to the earth and the universe. When they are unbalanced or blocked (usually as a result of repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, generational patterns, and other influences that interrupt our connection to our true selves), we often experience physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual illness. The source of health and wellbeing as well as illness and diseases originate in the chakra system. 

     How are the frequencies of the Chakra Balance Bags generated?

    The frequency or vibration of each Chakra Balance Bag is generated by a meticulous selection of chakra specific organic herbs, organic essential oils, distinct chakra balancing crystals and colours. Each of these medicinal components are naturally vibrating to a frequency that uplifts the chakra and delivers it back into healthy balanced state. When the herbs, oils, crystals and colours are unified in the Chakra Balance Bag, they serve  as  a means of concentrated energetic therapy. Each component in itself and combined is Vibrational Medicine. An ancient and future form of healing.

    Read about the Chakras 

     The Lower Triangle

    The first three chakras deal with the physical needs of the body and the basic needs of life. They focus on elimination and reduction.

    First Chakra: Security and Survival
    Foundation, survival, security, habit, self-acceptance.
    Location: End of the spine between the anus and sexual organs.

    Organ/Gland: Organs of elimination (e.g., colon).

    Color, Element: Red, Earth.

    Yoga Exercises: Crow Pose, Chair Pose, Body Drops,Frog Pose, Front Stretches, Lying on Stomach, Root Lock. 

    Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae, the root chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and security on this earthly journey. The word Muladhara breaks down into two Sanskrit words: Mula meaning “root” and Adhara, which means “support” or “base.” 

    This is the first of the chakras of matter. Balancing the root chakra creates the solid foundation for opening the chakras above. Imagine that you’re laying the foundation for a house in which you’re going to live for a long time. A solid foundation embedded in firm soil will provide the stability you need to create a home filled with joy for years to come.

    The root chakra is comprised of whatever grounds you to stability in your life. This includes your basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and safety, as well as your more emotional needs such as letting go of fear. When these needs are met, you feel grounded and safe, and you tend to worry less day to day. 

    Whether or not you feel secure now often has less to do with what you have at your disposal and more to do with how safe you felt as a small child. As infants, if your caregivers readily gave you what you needed to survive with consistency, you felt secure in the world. You felt that the world was a place that could be trusted to provide your basic needs. Yet, if your caregivers withheld or delayed in giving you what you needed, or if that giving was inconsistent, you may find yourself with first chakra blockages.

    Imbalances in the Root Chakra If there is an imbalance in the root chakra you may experience anxiety disorders, fears, or nightmares. Physical imbalances may manifest as problems in the colon, with the bladder, with elimination, or with lower back, leg, or feet issues. In men, prostate problems may occur. Eating disorders may also be a sign of a root chakra imbalance. The Root Chakra Balance Bag assists in balancing the root chakra.

    Second Chakra: Creativity

    To feel, to desire, to create.
    Location: Sex organs.
    Organ/Gland: Sex organs, reproductive glands, kidneys, bladder.
    Color, Element: Orange, Water.
    Yoga Exercises: Frog Pose, Cobra Pose, Butterfly, Sat Kriya, Cat-Cow, Pelvic Lifts.

    The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is also known as the creativity and sexual chakra. It is located above the pubic bone and below the navel, and encompasses the genital region and the hypogastric plexus. The word svadhisthana can be translated as “the dwelling place of the self,” and the element of the second chakra is water, which equals cohesiveness. A balanced second chakra leads to feelings of wellness, abundance, pleasure, and joy. When this chakra is out of balance, a person may experience emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression, or addictions. The Sacral Chakra Balance Bag assists in bringing balance into the sacral chakra. 

    Third Chakra: Action and Balance

    Willpower. Personal power and commitment.

    Location: Area of the Navel Point, solar plexus.

    Organ/Gland: Solar plexus, liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas, adrenals.

    Color, Element: Yellow, Fire.

    Yoga Exercises: Stretch Pose, Sat Kriya, Bow Pose, Diaphragm Lock, Breath of Fire. The third chakra is called Manipura, which means “lustrous gem.” Located around the navel in the area of the solar plexus and up to the breastbone, it is a source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. The Manipura chakra also controls metabolism and digestion.

    When you feel self-confident, have a strong sense of purpose, and are self-motivated, your third chakra is open and healthy. If your third chakra is out of balance, you can suffer from low self-esteem, have difficulty making decisions, and may have anger or control issues. The Solar Plexus Balance Bag assists in bringing balance to the solar plexus chakra. 

    Balance Point

    The Heart Center, or Fourth Chakra, is the balance point in the body between the flow of the upper energies of the Heavens and the lower energies of the Earth, where experience shifts from “me to we” or “me to Thee.”

    Fourth Chakra: Love and Compassion*

    Awakening to spiritual awareness; forgiveness and service.

    Location: Middle of the chest on the breast bone at the level of the nipples.

    Organ/Gland: Heart, lungs, thymus gland.

    Color, Element: Green, Air.

    Yoga Exercises: Ego Eradicator, Baby Pose, Yoga Mudra, all pranayamaall arm exercises. The fourth chakra is at the center of the seven chakras with three below and three above. This is the area where physical and spiritual meet. The fourth chakra, also referred to as the heart chakra, is located at the center of the chest and includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts. It also rules the lymphatic system. The Sanskrit word for the fourth chakra is Anahata, which means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” The name implies that beneath the hurts and grievances of past experiences lies a pure and spiritual place where no hurt exists.

    When your heart chakra is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and you accept others and yourself. A closed heart chakra can give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others. The Heart Chakra Balance Bag assists in opening and bringing balance to the heart chakra. 

    Upper Triangle

    The chakras in the upper triangle and the aura – which combines the effects of the other seven chakras – accumulate, create, and refine the energy. There are no specific gross elements associated with the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth chakras, as they correspond to the more subtle realms.

    Fifth Chakra: Projective Power of the Word

    Hearing and speaking the Truth. The Teacher.

    Location: The throat.

    Organ/Gland: Trachea, throat, cervical vertebrae, thyroid.

    Color, Element: Light blue, Ether.

    Yoga Exercises: All Chanting, Cobra Pose, Plow Pose, Shoulder Stand, Cat-Cow, Neck Lock.

    The fifth chakra, Vishuddha, is the first of the three spiritual chakras. In the area of the throat, it governs the anatomical regions of the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx. To be open and aligned in the fifth chakra is to speak, listen, and express yourself from a higher form of communication. Faith and understanding combine the essence of the Vishuddha chakra. The element corresponding to the fifth chakra is ether or space, and the sense is hearing.
    Authentic expression is not something that comes easily. There’s a delicate dance between saying what you mean and staying tactful or diplomatic. Often it’s easier to say what the other person may want to hear instead of speaking your truth. Fear of not being accepted, or judgment from the other may hinder your truthful verbal expression. 

    Work on the lower chakras will help prepare you for this level of communication. For example, when you align the first and second chakras, it helps with overcoming fear. Opening the third chakra helps you to feel your personal power and have the confidence to express yourself. Knowing what’s in your heart comes when you align the fourth chakra. Then, when it comes to verbalizing your needs, desires, and opinions you’re better able to determine how to be truthful to yourself and others. The Throat Chakra Balance Bag assists in balancing the throat chakra. 

    Sixth Chakra: Intuition, Wisdom, and Identity

    The union of opposites; understanding one’s purpose.
    Location: Between the eyebrows (the “Third Eye”).
    Organ/Gland: Brain, pituitary gland.
    Color: Indigo.
    Yoga Exercises: Focus on the Third Eye, Kirtan Kriya, Archer Pose, Whistle Breaths, all exercises with forehead resting on floor.

    The sixth chakra, Ajna, is in the area of the third eye, which is found in the space between the eyebrows. It encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower part of the brain. An invisible yet powerful third eye, this is your center of intuition. A spiritual chakra, which means “beyond wisdom,” Ajna leads you to an inner knowledge that will guide you if you let it. An open sixth chakra can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization.

    Your world is experienced through the five senses. Even before you passed through the womb, you heard noises like your mother’s voice and heartbeat, and listened to muffled sounds outside. You experienced touch, taste, and even perceived light. And since the moment of birth, you’ve attributed your experiences to what you perceive through the senses. You’ve learned to trust your senses in what you can taste, smell, touch, see, and hear. While sense perception is great in life experience, it limits you when it comes to expanding your awareness.

    At one time, you had to count on your sense of intuition and inner knowing. Before modern technology, we had to rely on signals from the environment and a more primal instinct to guide us. Just like birds can sense when a tsunami might hit, or squirrels know when it’s time to gather food for the winter, humans too have an intuitive sense. We’ve simply lost touch with it as well as our ability to trust in it. The Third Eye Chakra Balance Bag restores this intuitive sense. 

    Seventh (Crown) Chakra: Humility and Vastness
    Transcendence. The Tenth Gate. The seat of the soul.
    Location: Crown of the head.
    Organ/Gland: Brain, pineal gland.
    Color: Violet.
    Yoga Exercises: Ego Eradicator, Sat Kriya, Concentrating on the Tip of the Nose, All meditation.

    The crown chakra, Sahasrara, is referred to as the thousand-petal lotus chakra. This is the top chakra of the seven and located at the crown of the head. Sahasrara is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to all that is. It is a connection to our higher selves, to every being on the planet, and ultimately the divine energy that creates everything in the universe.

    True opening of Sahasrara means the realization that you are pure awareness. You are pure consciousness, undivided, and all expansive. Like a drop in the ocean, you are a part of that ocean that contains and encompasses every aspect of it. When out of balance one feels disconnected from source, universe, God, soul energy. The Crown Chakra Balance Bag assists in restoring this connection. 

    Eighth Chakra: The Aura

    Location: Electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body.
    Color: White.
    Yoga Exercises: Triangle Pose, Ego Eradicator, Archer Pose, All arm exercises and all meditation.