1000 Days of Kirtan Kriya

Day 8

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Day 8, 992 more to go. Wahe Guru!

The practice of Kirtan Kriya requires constant attention and awareness due to the L-shaped visualization. If the concentration is lost, adjustment and refocus are essential due to the nature of the working energy flow. There is a very particular "yes" feeling when it is done properly with precision; a commitment and recommitment to each moment as the trail is forged from pineal to pituitary.

The consonant sounds, s, t, n, m, flow like a river downward to create a distinct tingle directly into the pineal gland. The vowel sound, a, takes a sharp right angle turn out through the pituitary. Alert in the present moment and alive with participation and dedication, the throat chakra activates enabling both ears to listen and a playful surrender to the sounds created by the mouth begin to unfold. The mantra is encouraged to find its subtle and natural way to the sound current, the naad.  Evaluation re-occurs as the sound chamber shifts from out loud, to whisper, to silent, and back again. Noticing the sensation of each finger touching thumb. Curiously engaged the role is not passive. 

Here's a visualization; imagine my scattered thoughts and attention are represented by my hair; this meditation combs out all the tangles, collects every strand together, gently but firmly ties it into a bun directly on top of my head. The feeling is stable, in sync, and whole.  It's a feeling that cannot be fabricated. The tingling pineal gland cannot be detected while thoughts run astray. It's a foolproof meditation that the ego can't compete with. There simply no time or space for the ego to play its game if the meditation is practiced with awareness. (I did not see this a few days ago. I am cultivating this practice and reporting on it in real time so it's likely my perspective will shift along the way.) 

Once the sensation and rhythm are found it longs to be recreated because it feels so good. Which really makes it an ideal meditation for 1000 days. It's not a chore of a meditation, but instead, an experience yearned for or craved, a blessed meditation indeed.

There were a few moments this morning when I deeply dropped in and merged with the Infinite. I was no longer chanting the sounds but the sounds were chanting me. We were united together!  The sacred reminder of the oneness, reaffirming the path and lifting the veil, revealing for a short moment, the gems of truth contained in the experience. Wahe Guru!

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