1000 Days of Kirtan Kriya

Day 5

by Sevak Karan | | 0 comments

Day 5, check, 995 more to go! Wahe Guru!

Do you ever have those moments of clarity where you can look out at all those great pieces and parts and amazing ideas that make up you. You know, your best version of you, and know collectively they are the clues that lead you closer to yourself or your destiny.  If you could just get them all together and make them work in unison with you, for you, and for your life's work or mission. For me, those true pieces and parts have taken a lifetime to discover in myself and a ton of energy, spiritual, mental and physical to manifest. Some manifesting by discovering exactly what I don't want, but many manifesting by aligning with exactly what I do want. Even though I have cast my net and worked hard to gather those attributes that best describe who I am or what I am here to do, so much of the time they seep through the cracks only to pop back up later here or there along the way. When the cosmos align or the energy is right, I see them again and am granted with the vision and/or energy to go back and regather those pieces and parts in the hopes of putting it all together and making it whole. Does that resonate? It's being a dreamer, seeing your dreams, collecting the vision, determining how much energy it's going to take to fulfill it, that sort of thing. When we are moving towards, it creates feelings of being in the flow, and moving away creates feelings of conflict. There are no two ways about it in my world, so I imagine it may be the same in your world. 

I have been sensing, even with only 5 days of practice of Kirtan Kriya, that this is exactly what this practice brings. Magnetism to those parts with focus and clarity like a laser, but simple, straight to juice of it, simple, cut all the fat off, simple. I also can sense that this is only one of the many benefits of this practice and that all the benefits will be extremely powerful. 

The visualization I am getting on Kirtan Kriya today is like I am in a boat in the ocean. All these fish (let's say) represent parts of me and what I need to gather or complete at this time in my life to become whole or at least to prepare me for what's next. Normally, I would spend a few exhausting weeks/months/years (even) out there casting my net and collecting a few fish here and there (that represent me or my work.) Today, however, I threw the net out and all the fish swam right in, immediately. The fish were saying, "here you go, got everything you need, if you need more let us know."

There is also a sense that this energy is going to grow and concentrate and continue in that direction. Zapping all listlessness, lifelessness, low energy, fogginess, lack of clarity, self pity, confusion, laziness, or any chance of blame. Yes, I got all that from 5 days of 31 minutes of Kirtan Kriya. So needless to say, I am stoked on this journey in a newfound way. I am also stoked to report to you the subtleties or huge waves of energy shifts within myself along the way. I know we are all deeply and integrally connected on this organism called life and what helps me also helps you too and vice versa. So, if you need some laser focus and clarity, here you go...Kirtan Kriya.

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