1000 Days of Kirtan Kriya

Day 2

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Day 2, check, 998 more to go. Wahe Guru! Today I used an app on my phone for the first time called Kiirtan Kriya Timer. You can get the 12 minute timer for free and pay a few bucks more to get the timer with the 6, 11, 12, 30, 60 minute and 2.5 hour timer. The phone chimes with each change from chanting out loud to whisper to silent and reverse. I look forward to the day I take on the 2.5 hour challenge. This meditation definitely sweeps the mind clear. 

The Kirtan Kriya App by the developer Elevate Apps lists the benefits of kirtan kriya as follows:

  • great for breaking habits
  • brings you emotional balance
  • helps you focus and center yourself
  • acts as a spiritual cleanser
  • is a catalyst for change
  • is your Teacher
  • works in the order that you individually need (I love that!)
  • is particularly good meditation for invoking neutral mind
  • reduces stress
  • promotes mind-body-spirit connection
  • releases the past
  • clears past lovers from your aura. It helps you to reestablish your aura as your own.
  • just works. All you have to do is do it.

If you want to maintain the status quo, don't do this mediation. If you are willing to change and welcome a new dimension of being into your life, then this meditation is for you. Yogi Bhajan says that if you can do only one meditation this is the one to do. He particularly recommends this meditation for women to clear the subconscious. Kirtan Kriya can be done by pregnant women to support healthy and conscious development of the baby. 

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