1000 Days of Kirtan Kriya

Day 13

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                          Day 13, check, 987 to go. Wahe Guru!

This is the cycle of Creation. From the Infinite (Saa) comes life and individual existence (Taa). From life comes death or change (Naa). From death comes the rebirth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite (Maa) through which compassion leads back to life.

"Although you do not have to know the meaning of the syllables, you may want to think about the concepts as you chant them. In fact, at one time Yogi Bhajan gave us some visual images to use while chanting this mantra. For those of you who would enjoy visualizing, this is what he taught:

Each time you chant Sa picture all the galaxies, planets, suns, moons, and stars.

Each time you chant Ta visualize tremendous radiance, the brilliant, dazzling light of a trillion suns.

Each time you chant Na see a winter landscape, the branches of the barren trees standing silent in the snow, all of nature dormant.

Each time you chant Ma picture thousands of spring flowers in a burst of glorious technicolor, brilliant blooms joyfully blanketing the hillside as far as the eye can see."
-Shakti Parwha Kaur

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