1000 Days of Kirtan Kriya

Day 12

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Day 12, check, 988 to go. Wahe Guru!

This evening my husband joined the kirtan kriya meditation sitting with me back to back. When practiced this way it is called Venus Kriya. It is a way to get in sync with your partner, clear blocks, enhance communication, and reveal the sacred self to one another. It was funny at first because he's a comical guy and I know the meaning behind all his tones, but once we passed through the initial period our chanting was truly beautiful.

Feeling his back to mine was extremely supportive and listening to the vibrations in his chest and our sounds together was the love. I questioned why we don't sit back to back more often, it's something so simple, but so powerful. I highly recommend doing this with your partner. We had to re-align with each other at the changes from out loud, to whisper, and silent, but each time we reconnected quicker and more smoothly than the time before.

Venus Kriya's are considered advanced kundalini yoga and there are rules around the practice. They are to be done in the highest consciousness for the good of both parties. Absolutely no exploitation or manipulation! This is a very sacred experience. Here is a short clip of our meditation.

Instructions for Couples Meditation: Kirtan Kriya to Clear the Clouds:

Sit in easy pose back to back with your partner. Hands are in gyan mudra at the knees. Meditate at the third eye point.

The mantra is SA TA NA MA. As you chant SA, touch the forefinger to the thumb. On TA, touch the middle finger to the thumb. On NA, touch the ring finger to the thumb. On MA, touch the little finger to the thumb. As you chant each syllable, visualize energy entering the top of the head and pursuing an "L"-shaped course from the top of the head out through the third-eye point, projecting out to Infinity. This energy flows along the energy path called the golden cord, connecting the pineal and the pituitary gland.

Begin chanting in a normal voice for 5 minutes. Then whisper for 5 minutes. (Times may be reduced in equal proportion by half for a shorter meditation.)

Vibrate the mantra silently for 10 minutes. Then whisper for 5 minutes. And finally, chant aloud for 5 minutes.

When you have finished, stretch the hands up as far as possible and spread the fingers wide. Stretch the spine and take several deep breaths. Then relax.

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