1000 Days of Kirtan Kriya

Day 26

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Day 26, check, 974 more to go. Wahe Guru!


Here is an amazing study on kirtan kriya and its effects on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. 

Day 25

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Day 25, check, 975 more to go. Wahe Guru!

I have been absent from writing my blog for the last 11 days because the guy in the pic, my dad, invited me to fly with him on a trip to Paris and London. This was my first European vacation and it was amazing! I carried my meditation practice with me like a trusty travel bag of 31 minutes of kirtan kriya each day. It was not convenient for me or my parents to excuse myself to meditate, but I did it anyway and they were gracious and understanding. They cracked up after every time when I said something like, "day 17, check 983 more to go." That, girl, you are crazy, but I respect it kind of laugh. 

The practice is only 25 days in, but already feeling like home. I could tell, especially in another country and 6-hour time zone difference, that when so many things were foreign, that this meditation grounded and centered me right back into myself, into my home. 

I determined from my time away from blog writing that I should take days between blogs to feel the impact of the meditation and to be able to report on the shifts.

The L-shape visualization tends to be the hot topic during the meditation. It takes a real commitment to keep the focus on the third eye point while ushering the waves of movement from the pineal to pituitary. I find myself in and out of my body. What I mean is that sometimes I am centered and the energy is running perfectly through me and other times it is running through an imagined version of me. When I recognize that I am imagining the process I have to shake it off a bit and re-center. At times it feels a longer distance from pineal to pituitary and other times the distance is very very short. It's a shapeshifter of a visualization and I am having fun discovering it and myself within it. 

I feel my pineal pulsing. I love it. It makes me feel like my brain is growing, it is a true physical sensation. I did get a headache one day at the beginning of this journey on day 5 or so due to the downward energy hitting the wrong spot. I am very careful to direct the energy to pineal since then because it was a horrible and concentrated pain in my head. Holding concentration on the third eye point is still a challenge, but becoming easier each day and making sense, subtly.  

Last night I was chatting with my husband at the dining table when I began to notice myself in the conversation. More like witnessed. The clarity of the observation was the strengthening of my auric field and my arc line. I watched my self-assuredness, softness, and all around feminine nature as a solid healing presence for my husband and myself. It was the effects of the practice of kirtan kriya, my essence resembled my soul and it was familiar and beautiful. It's as if this practice is extracting my true essence or self out from a deep place within me to serve as the "chief" of my life. Raw, true, maskless, but fully at ease. Happening fast, but not a moment faster than I am ready for it. It's all moving in sync, everyone got the memo, each and every cell, each and every thought, each and every breath. I am experiencing the effects of a cleared and cleaned consciousness. A consciousness that is shamelessly aligning with my soul.  

I was explaining meditation to my children today expressing that a bath is how we clean our body and meditating is how we clean our minds. My daughter said, that we should just meditate while taking a bath then we can clean our bodies and our minds at the same time. She's brilliant and funny!

Here are a few pics from Paris and London. Sat Nam! 

Day 14

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Day 14, check, 986 more to go. Wahe Guru!

                    The Quantum Technology of the Shabad Guru

what Yogi Bhajan calls “The Science of Nasd Yoga” concerns the creative movement of the tongue inside the mouth that stimulates the meridian points that are placed inside the palate.




Day 13

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                          Day 13, check, 987 to go. Wahe Guru!

This is the cycle of Creation. From the Infinite (Saa) comes life and individual existence (Taa). From life comes death or change (Naa). From death comes the rebirth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite (Maa) through which compassion leads back to life.

"Although you do not have to know the meaning of the syllables, you may want to think about the concepts as you chant them. In fact, at one time Yogi Bhajan gave us some visual images to use while chanting this mantra. For those of you who would enjoy visualizing, this is what he taught:

Each time you chant Sa picture all the galaxies, planets, suns, moons, and stars.

Each time you chant Ta visualize tremendous radiance, the brilliant, dazzling light of a trillion suns.

Each time you chant Na see a winter landscape, the branches of the barren trees standing silent in the snow, all of nature dormant.

Each time you chant Ma picture thousands of spring flowers in a burst of glorious technicolor, brilliant blooms joyfully blanketing the hillside as far as the eye can see."
-Shakti Parwha Kaur

Day 12

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Day 12, check, 988 to go. Wahe Guru!

This evening my husband joined the kirtan kriya meditation sitting with me back to back. When practiced this way it is called Venus Kriya. It is a way to get in sync with your partner, clear blocks, enhance communication, and reveal the sacred self to one another. It was funny at first because he's a comical guy and I know the meaning behind all his tones, but once we passed through the initial period our chanting was truly beautiful.

Feeling his back to mine was extremely supportive and listening to the vibrations in his chest and our sounds together was the love. I questioned why we don't sit back to back more often, it's something so simple, but so powerful. I highly recommend doing this with your partner. We had to re-align with each other at the changes from out loud, to whisper, and silent, but each time we reconnected quicker and more smoothly than the time before.

Venus Kriya's are considered advanced kundalini yoga and there are rules around the practice. They are to be done in the highest consciousness for the good of both parties. Absolutely no exploitation or manipulation! This is a very sacred experience. Here is a short clip of our meditation.

Instructions for Couples Meditation: Kirtan Kriya to Clear the Clouds:

Sit in easy pose back to back with your partner. Hands are in gyan mudra at the knees. Meditate at the third eye point.

The mantra is SA TA NA MA. As you chant SA, touch the forefinger to the thumb. On TA, touch the middle finger to the thumb. On NA, touch the ring finger to the thumb. On MA, touch the little finger to the thumb. As you chant each syllable, visualize energy entering the top of the head and pursuing an "L"-shaped course from the top of the head out through the third-eye point, projecting out to Infinity. This energy flows along the energy path called the golden cord, connecting the pineal and the pituitary gland.

Begin chanting in a normal voice for 5 minutes. Then whisper for 5 minutes. (Times may be reduced in equal proportion by half for a shorter meditation.)

Vibrate the mantra silently for 10 minutes. Then whisper for 5 minutes. And finally, chant aloud for 5 minutes.

When you have finished, stretch the hands up as far as possible and spread the fingers wide. Stretch the spine and take several deep breaths. Then relax.


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